DAMASK is a unified multi-physics crystal plasticity simulation package. The solution of continuum mechanical boundary value problems requires a constitutive response that connects deformation and stress at each material point. This problem is solved in DAMASK on the basis of crystal plasticity using a variety of constitutive models and homogenization approaches. However, treating mechanics in isolation is no longer sufficient to study emergent advanced high-strength materials. In these materials, deformation happens interrelated with displacive phase transformation, significant heating, and potential damage evolution. Therefore, DAMASK is capable of handling multi-physics problems. Following a modular approach, additional field equations are solved in a fully coupled way using a staggered approach.


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Fast spectral solver

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Integrates into MSC.Marc

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Rich collection of pre- and post-processing tools

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HDF5 output

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YAML style input files

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Free and open source according to GPLv3

Usage Examples

DAMASK comes with a Python 3 library for pre- and post-processing

loadcase generation

Loadcase generation

density plot

Density plot with pandas

Voronoi tessellation

Voronoi Tessellation

plot per grain scatter

Plot per grain scatter

texture generation

Create texture

r-value simulation

r-value Simulation

Some of our Users

Since the initial release as free and open source software, the number of DAMASK users from all over the world is steadily growing. The following institutions have used DAMASK for their research.

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