Direct Downloads

Short installation instructions V3

Build grid solver

This includes the spectral solver. Requires PETSc 3.11 or newer with HDF5 and FFTW3:

> tar -xf damask-3.0.0-alpha3.tar.xz
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ../damask-3.0.0-alpha3 -DDAMASK_SOLVER=GRID
> make all install

Build Python package for pre- and post-processing

Requires pip, setuptools, and wheel (python3):

> tar -xf damask-[sc name="damask_version"].tar.xz
> cd damask-3.0.0-alpha3/python
> python3 sdist bdist_wheel
> pip3 install dist/

Note: Dependencies cannot be fulfilled, tell pip to ignore the dependencies and install whatever is missing manually. Will be fixed in the next preview version.

Documentation of DAMASK version 2.x ist still available at